Living Room Series: Seating

Once I had completed the floor-plan for my living room, it was time to think about my living room furniture—most importantly a sofa and chairs, so we could actually sit down. In my previous apartment, I had a very small loveseat, which I got before meeting my husband, who is over six feet tall, so needless to say, this was not comfortable for him to stretch out on. Once again, I came up with a list of parameters to help think through the options when picking out my new sofa:

1)   Size. It had to be a decent sized sofa, but I also didn’t want it to take over our living room, because I wanted room for additional chairs. So I was looking for something about six feet long—long enough for my husband to stretch out and take a nap!

2)   Price. I wanted to keep it under $1,000, including taxes and delivery fees (which is not always easy to do with a large sofa!). 

3)   Comfort. Obviously, it had to actually be comfortable to sit in, and I wanted to be able to try it out in person before buying it  (which pretty much ruled out online shopping, since I didn’t fancy trying to ship back a giant sofa if I didn’t like it!). 

4)   Color. Since a sofa is such a large piece of furniture, I wanted to keep it as versatile as possible, so I knew I should stick with a neutral. I settled on a warm medium-tone beige—nothing too light so it would hide stains well—which tied in with the beige tones in the rug. 

5)   Durability. As much as I’m not a huge fan of slip-covered furniture, I decided early on that I would look for a slip-covered sofa out of practicality. I wanted it to be able to last a while, and with two cats and hopefully babies in the future, I figured it would get a lot of wear (stay tuned for a future post about how to save your upholstered furniture from kitty claws!). 

After careful deliberation, I settled on this sofa from IKEA: 

IKEA Stocksund Sofa in Beige  (Note: Unfortunately, Ikea no longer sells the sofa in this color)

IKEA Stocksund Sofa in Beige (Note: Unfortunately, Ikea no longer sells the sofa in this color)

I really like the style of this piece, and it doesn’t even really look like it has a slip-cover on it. On the whole, it’s held up extremely well, even with my two fat kitties denting the cushions everyday! 

IKEA Tullsta Armchair in Navy  (Once again, this chair is no longer available in this color)

IKEA Tullsta Armchair in Navy (Once again, this chair is no longer available in this color)

Next I decided I would use my accent chairs as an opportunity to pull in more of the gorgeous colors from my patterned rug. Navy was an obvious choice (it’s also a super versatile color, which can act as a neutral), and as it happened, I already had two accent chairs which were navy. I had bought them used, and they were also originally from IKEA. I knew I wanted to replace them eventually (the cats had done a number on the upholstery—this was BEFORE I figured out how to solve that issue), but for now, they would do, and they could easily be replaced down the line when I had the money for it (I’m actually working on this at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be able to post about my new navy blue chairs soon!).

Finally, I figured I could fit one more big comfy chair in the room, and I knew I wanted it to be RED. Not a bright fire engine red, but a deep, rich, garnet red in a soft plushy fabric. It would tie in perfectly with the rug and help create the overall feel I was going for—a dark, warm, cozy den, with deep rich colors and sumptuous patterns. I didn’t have to look far—Pier1 is my “happy place”, and they had the perfect chair, so I splurged and got this one:

I absolutely love this chair, and it added so much rich color to the room. In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to really splurge and buy the ottoman to go with it as well. It’s a comfy chair, but it’s a lot more comfortable with the ottoman, and it added more of that wonderful rich red color. Also, ottomans are great because they can double as coffee tables or even additional seating (ours is currently doubling as a piano bench!).

Next up in this series, I’ll be talking about my living room accent furniture! And I promise, I will be sharing photos of my “finished” living room very soon!