Living Room Series: Coffee Table and Side Tables

Second-Hand Coffee Table from Thomasville

Second-Hand Coffee Table from Thomasville

In the last few weeks, I have finally made some major progress on finishing my living room, and I’m hoping to share the final reveal very soon! In my previous post in this series, I discussed my living room seating, so today I am focusing on the accent pieces—the coffee table and some side tables. In selecting these pieces for the room, I felt that it was important to keep the wood tones more or less the same, and since I wanted to create a rich, warm atmosphere, I decided to focus on wood furniture with a dark espresso finish. 

I originally thought I wanted a smaller coffee table, which would leave more of the rug exposed, however, my parents had a really nice but rather large coffee table that they no longer needed, so I borrowed it initially to save some money. Sometimes it’s actually good to have these sorts of constraints, because as it turns out I ended up loving their coffee table and deciding to keep it! While it is large, the space is big enough to handle its size, and the dark reddish color of the wood works perfectly. And the best part is that it has a glass display top, which is a really unique and useful feature! I am currently using it to display my collection of decorative china teacups.

In addition to the coffee table, I knew I wanted a handful of small accent tables, so that every chair had a nearby surface for a beverage. The hand-me-down coffee table from my parents also came with a matching side table, so I decided to use that piece as well, and I positioned it on the right side of the couch (although I think I will replace it eventually, since it’s a little boxy and large for that space). 

Next, I chose a small circular table from Pier1 for the space between the two blue chairs, in order to vary the shapes in the room. Since my other accent pieces were very solid and on the heavy side, I liked that this table was more open, with elegant legs that allowed you to see the space through the table. 

Lastly, I knew I still needed another table to take care of the left side of the couch as well as the red chair, however I did not have a lot of room in those spots. Also, as my husband and I lived in the space, and I observed how we used it, I found that we often ate dinner in the living room while watching TV…which was problematic because we had no convenient surface to hold our plates (the coffee table was too far away from the couch to use comfortably, and since it’s a huge and heavy piece, you couldn’t just pull it closer as needed). 

I was incredibly excited when I found the solution to all these problem with this set of brown nesting tables from Pier1. I absolutely love these tables, and they have come in so handy! I store the two taller tables in the small space to the left of the couch, which takes care of that area, and they are easy to pull out and place between the couch and the coffee table when we are eating dinner (they are also taller than the height of a coffee table, so they are perfect for eating dinner at). Finally, I keep the smallest table on the other side of the red chair, so that whoever is using that chair has at least one (if not two) spaces to hold a drink. The table is small enough that it doesn’t block the space as you enter the room, but still large enough to hold a drink and even a small plate.

With all of the main seating and accent pieces established, my living room was essentially “furnished”, so it’s now time to tackle some other aspects of the room, which can often get overlooked—window treatments and lighting! Stay tuned for my next few posts in this series in which I’ll be discussing both those topics!