Basement Ideas and Before Photos: Part 3

This is the last installment of my 3-part series on planning our basement renovation, and today I want to talk about our ideas for a new home office! Honestly, while I am incredibly excited about the whole project, the office might be the aspect that I am most looking forward to. Gideon and I don’t have a desktop computer or a printer, largely because we have no place to put one, and our filing system leaves a lot to be desired. So even though neither of us have jobs that necessarily require us to work from home, I still think we are going to get a ton of use out of this new space.

Here is a photo of the space as it is now:


Our plan is to take down the wall which runs into the stairs, which should help to open up the space a lot more. We also want to wall off the back section and turn that area into a narrow laundry closet, with either a pocket door or a bi-fold door. Since it’s a little hard to envision those changes, here are some 3-D views of the office that I created using the nifty Floorplanner program:


It took me quite a while to figure out how I wanted to configure the furniture in this space. At first, I imagined having a desk (possibly a corner desk) against the back wall—mainly because that’s what I had seen everyone else do in our townhome development. But the thought of having a desk face a blank wall in a basement space seemed pretty depressing, so I had the idea of actually putting the desk in the middle of the room and facing it outwards. Now, when you are sitting at the computer, you will have a nice sightline of both the family room area and the playroom. Also, we will be moving Gideon’s keyboard down to this space, and I placed it perpendicular to the desk so that he can easily scoot back and forth between the keyboard and the computer while he is working on his musical compositions.

However, since the desk was going to go in the middle of the room, I didn’t want it to be a really bulky piece of furniture with file cabinets attached. So, I am thinking of choosing something much more open, like this desk from Pier1:

Most of our decor is very traditional, however I might branch out in the basement to incorporate a slightly more modern/industrial look. I really love the clean lines of the desk above as well as this open wood and metal shelving unit from Pier1:

Definitely the most important element of the office space for me is the filing system. Nothing stresses me out more than being unable to find really important documents at a moment’s notice (like your passport or your marriage license!). So, having everything neatly organized in one place is a must. Currently, all of our documents are in one plastic file bin, which I took from work because they were throwing it away, and it’s already overflowing. In my office at work, I have a large credenza with 4 drawers of file storage, and I really love it, so ideally I would like something similar. I found this awesome credenza from Ballard Designs, which is modular, so you can customize it to be the exact configuration of storage that you want. It’s pretty expensive, but since a good filing system is a top priority for me, we might be able to spring for it if we keep the rest of the office furniture on the less-expensive side.

And that’s the plan for the basement! I really can’t wait to get started on it! Unfortunately, we’ve had a bit of a delay, because the media center that we are hoping to get from Pottery Barn is going to take longer to arrive than we had originally anticipated. However, hopefully the contractors will be able to start work on the project by the end of March, and by the end of April it should be finished! So stay tuned for more updates about this project in the months ahead!