Faux Floral Arrangement

Sorry for the brief hiatus—I came down with the flu two weeks ago and am only just starting to feel back to normal again. I have made some progress on the home, however, and I will have lots of exciting things to share soon! For today, I just wanted to share this faux floral arrangement that I made to try and brighten the house up a bit, since February is such a dull month. I usually really dislike faux flowers, and I used to try and buy fresh flowers for the house every month, but I felt like it was prohibitively expensive, so I have been trying to shift towards using faux flowers as much as possible. I am working on building up a collection of them, so that I can just create new arrangements with whatever I have on hand. These white roses were from Pier1 and Michael’s, and today, I bought the two hydrangea stems and a bunch of yellow ranunculus from a local garden shop called Valley Forge Flowers. They were pretty pricey, but they are high quality silk flowers and surprisingly realistic-looking! And since I can continue to re-use them as much as I want, they should be worth the initial investment.

To make this arrangement, I started with the white roses in the center and just began to build outwards. I use floral tape to hold the flowers in place, and I began by just taping the 2 or 3 central stems together, so that I had something to build onto. Then I added the hydrangea stems one at a time, taping them onto the main bunch as I went, and finally, I sprinkled the ranunculus throughout the bouquet, to add that nice pop of yellow! I felt like the arrangement was missing something, so I also added the sprays of live fern at the base, which I happened to have on hand (left over from my Valentine’s Day bouquet!).

Now it’s starting to feel like spring is really coming in our home! I can’t wait!