Basement Ideas and Before Photos: Part 2

Last week I shared that my husband and I are planning to have our basement finished this spring, and I also discussed some of our plans for the space. I shared a little bit about our plans for a family room with a built-in entertainment center, and today I wanted to talk about the other half of that space, which we are hoping to turn into a playroom! Now, I know it’s ridiculously premature to plan for a playroom when you don’t even have kids yet, but I thought it would be a fun exercise to brainstorm ideas for it anyway. I promise I won’t actually start decorating it as a playroom until we have kids to use it, but I also don’t want the space to be totally empty in the meantime. So I may move ahead with one or two elements of the “future playroom,” which are not exclusively for kids.

So here’s the space as it is now:

Basement Before.JPG

This area is basically the back end of the main room in the basement. It’s pretty much a 10 x 10 foot space with three walls, which opens onto the family room area with the media center. Because the space is all one big room, I want to decorate the playroom so that it feels cohesive with the family room, however I also want it to be a little fun and whimsical so that it really feels like a space for kids. As I was googling ideas for playrooms, I came across this image:

I really loved this idea of filling the back wall space with bookshelves for storage and a bench for a reading nook. I definitely wouldn’t want to put expensive built-ins in a playroom though, so I started brainstorming a way to use inexpensive pre-fab shelves to re-create something similar. I found these bookshelves from IKEA, which I thought might work:

My idea was to place the vertical bookshelves on either side of the back wall, with one bookshelf running horizontally between them, forming a bench. I used the floor-planning software which I recently discovered (see my last post for more information on that program) to see how this idea might work in the space in 3-D. Here’s what I came up with:

Basement View 1.jpg

Pretty cool, right?? As I you can probably see, I had a little too much fun with this program—it’s really extraordinary how much detail you can add! But it really helped me to flesh out my plans for this space. I have been toying with the idea of doing an accent wall for this area—either painting the back wall a different color or using some kind of wallpaper. I think it will help to differentiate this space from the family room and add another layer of interest. Also since the space isn’t too large, I don’t want to fill it with too much furniture, so I am mainly thinking of including a small table-and-chairs set for kids, and then an adult-sized armchair (which could be pulled into the family room area for additional seating). Here’s a few more 3-D views of the room, using Floorplanner:

Basement View 2.jpg
Basement View 3.jpg

And, lastly, a close-up of the “built-ins”:

Basement View 4.jpg

Don’t you just love all those cute little cubbies for organizing toys?? Marie Kondo would be so proud.

Stay tuned for my next and last post about our basement renovation ideas for a glimpse of our home office plans! Thanks for reading!