Basement Renovation Reveal!

I am so excited to finally be able to share the photos of our finished basement! First off, a disclaimer—you will probably notice that it obviously isn’t actually finished yet, since it still needs to be painted! We opted not to pay for them to paint it; instead, we used that money towards having the crew assemble and install the media center into the wall, so that it looks more like a custom built-in. We knew we could do the painting ourselves (even if it may take us a while), so I think this was a much better use of our money. It does make the “reveal” a little less exciting at the moment, but I promise I will post more photos as soon as it’s 100% finished.

Overall, my husband and I are thrilled with how this space turned out. It’s even better than I hoped it would be! Here’s the view of the basement as you first walk down the stairs:


And a straight-on view of the media center. I am thinking of eventually installing some battery operated LED lights in the shelves of the media center, as well as possibly along the top. The area between the top and the ceiling feels a little shadowy to me, and it would be nice to highlight the piece (as well as any of the objects on the shelves), a little better.


A view of the end of the room and what will hopefully eventually be the “play area”. I am thrilled with how spacious the whole room feels. I am also particularly pleased with how the floor turned out, which was something I was initially quite nervous about. Our contractor really wanted us to use the product he was familiar with (a type of luxury vinyl plank flooring), and although he promised we’d be happy with it, it was hard to judge what it would look like from the tiny sample. But it really does look a lot like real wood, and it seems incredibly durable and easy to clean!

Finished basement 3.JPG

And a shot from the other end of the room, showing the view into the office. You can see the post, which they boxed out nicely, as well as the door into our utility closet (the cat’s new room).


The office space. The fact that they were able to remove the partial wall completely, really opened up this space a ton! They also installed the bi-fold doors, which lead to our new laundry room.

Finished Basement 7.JPG

And a view from the office space into the main room!


Finally, here’s a close-up of the media cabinet, which also shows how nice the floor looks! And you can see that, because of how they recessed the media center into the wall, it really doesn’t stick very far into the space.

Finished Basement 9.JPG

I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it’s painted! I’ll post another update once we’ve picked out the color and painted some swatches on the wall. Thanks for reading!