Living Room Series: Final Reveal

Over the past few months, I have been sharing a series of posts about my decorating process for our living room, and today I am very pleased to finally be able to show you the finished product!!! Having said that, I have to add the caveat that I believe a house evolves organically over time, so I’m not sure a room is ever really “finished”. There are already so many more things that I want to do to our living room (and I will share more about that in a future post), however, it is at least “finished” enough at this stage, that I am finally ready to show it to you!

First, some quick “before” and “after” shots from each end of the room. The “before” photos are the realtor pictures, so it shows the room as it was, before we even purchased it. The “after” photos are after three years of decorating it, slowly adding a few pieces to it each year:

Living Room Before.jpg
Living Room After.jpg
Living Room Before 2.jpg
Living Room After 2.jpg

And here are some additional shots of the space. You can see that the room is laid out exactly according to the floor plan that I shared in an earlier post. Whenever possible, I am also including all the sources for my furniture and decor in the caption for each photo:

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my living room! It’s been a fun room to work on, and I think it really has gotten close to achieving the overall concept that I outlined in my previous post about my living room color palette and mood board. If you have any questions about how I decorated the space, please feel free to reach out with a comment below! I’ll come back to this space eventually, but for now, I will be moving on to a new series about decorating my dining room! So stay tuned for my first post about that space very shortly!