Finished Basement Update

My husband and I had some extra time off over the July 4th holiday, so we thought that would be a perfect time to tackle painting our newly finished basement. Neither of us had any previous wall painting experience, but we both rose to the challenge and basically worked non-stop for five days on it. Although it’s not completely finished (we still have to paint the trim and doors), our basement already feels totally transformed! I’m so excited about the space that I just can’t help sharing a few photos of it, even though it’s not 100% done yet. So, without further adieu, here’s our new basement in all it’s glory:


The view from the other end of the room:


And in case you’ve already forgotten what it looked like beforehand (I almost have too!), here’s a “before” shot from when the crew had just started framing out the space:


And here it is now, from roughly the same angle (with Roland of course—I think he is determined to end up in every one of my photos!):


And here’s another “before” shot of the space where the entertainment center is now:


Here it is now, with our beautiful Pottery Barn media center, set back into the wall so that it looks more like a custom built-in:


And finally, here’s the “before” shot of the office space, after the wall under the stairs had been removed and space was framed out:


Our new “office” with the bi-fold doors to the laundry closet:


Finally, here’s a side view of the media center, which shows how the piece is set back into the wall about six inches. Because I wanted it to feel completely seamless with the rest of the space, we tried to match the wall color to the white of the media center as closely as possible (we chose Acadia White by Benjamin Moore). I’m honestly amazed at how good a match it is. That being said, it’s a slightly strange white with complex undertones, and I’m still getting used to the color. It might not have been my first choice, if I hadn’t been trying to match the media center.


The space feels VERY neutral at the moment, so I can’t wait to start bringing color in through decorating! Also, you may have noticed the sofa in some of the photos—stay tuned for an upcoming post with more details about our new sectional! Thanks for reading!