My Parent's Summer Home: The Jacuzzi Bedroom

My husband and I arrived in Maine last Sunday night, and so far, we have been enjoying every minute of our vacation—soaking up the beautiful weather and the gorgeous Maine coastline! I promised my husband that I would really relax on this vacation…but since I am also helping to decorate my parent’s summer home, where we are staying, it’s hard not to “work” just a little bit. I’m so pleased with the way the house is coming along, and today I thought I would share the progress on the downstairs guest bedroom that we’re staying in—dubbed the “jacuzzi bedroom” for obvious reasons. This bedroom is the most finished so far, and it’s come SUCH a long way compared to how it used to look!

If you can believe it, this is a shot of the same side of the room from when they first bought the place:


Aside from the unfortunate decorating (and the fact that they put the armoire in front of the window!), you will also notice that the floor was painted blue (why???). One of the first things my parents did was to have the floor stripped and refinished, so the beautiful light pine planks are now visible again. However, although the room looks drastically different now, the wall color is actually the same. It’s a really nice light aqua color, so my parent’s decided to keep it, and we planned the rest of the decor to go with it. The walls will eventually need to be re-painted, because they are patched and marked up in so many areas, but they will choose a color that matches the current blue as closely as possible (probably Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore).

Here’s another before shot of the other side of the room:


I thought when they first bought the place, that they might actually rip the jacuzzi out because it looked so terrible. But it turned out the the jacuzzi was actually in pretty good shape, it just needed some modifications to make the whole space work together. First off, my parent’s had the area around the tub and sink tiled, because the water from the tub had already begun to rot the wood. They also replaced the sink, bathroom mirror, and light fixture. And, they even managed to find a curved curtain rod that matched the angle of the tub to replace the weird-looking rod in the above photo. You can see what a huge difference just those relatively minor changes made in the photo below:

It now actually looks just as inviting and luxurious to soak in as it actually is! And here’s a shot of the rest of this area as it looks now (the toilet is off to the side in a small closet):

Jacuzzi Bedroom-080.jpg

And here are a few more shots to give you a sense of the rest of the room:

Jacuzzi Bedroom-031-2.jpg

You can really see what incredible features this room already has, which in so many ways made it very easy to decorate! I absolutely love the French doors, which open out onto a large covered deck as well as a the fireplace, which functions as a stove to heat the room in the winter.

The mirror above the fireplace is just something that had been left in the house by the previous owners, so it may not stay there permanently, although it actually works quite well!

Jacuzzi Bedroom-050.jpg

The wicker chair is also temporary—it’s one of their patio chairs—but eventually they will get a small ivory chair to go in that same spot, possibly with a little ottoman. It’s a really nice place to sit and look out the French doors at their lovely backyard!

I suggested the carved wooden wall decor from Pier1 (sadly, no longer available) to go above their bed. It fills out that space nicely and adds more visual interest. This summer I also selected all of the pillows for the bed. It’s such a huge and luxurious king-sized bed, and it’s really the main focal point of the room, so I felt like it needed a heaping pile of beautiful pillows to make a grand statement.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of the jacuzzi bedroom! I can’t wait to share more of the rest of the house as we continue to make more progress on it, so please stay tuned for future updates!