Fall Inspiration: Fall Fireplace Decor

Now that my fireplace makeover project is finally finished, it’s so fun to be able to work on decorating it! And since it is now officially FALL, I thought I would share how I have decorated it for the season! In fact, this post is part of a “blog hop” with a number of other awesome home decor bloggers, so if you read to the end of this post, you will see links to their blogs with more wonderful fall decorating ideas!


I have to admit, I have never actually been a big “seasonal” decorator. I always felt like it was just “one more thing” on a never-ending list of stuff to do around the house, and so I never used to mark the seasons in any special way. This is the first year that I have actually tried bringing elements of each season into my home through decorating, and I have to admit…I’m starting to realize that there might be something to this.

Fall is my favorite season, and I have felt myself get even more excited this year about all the wonderful changes that it brings. I can’t wait for the light to begin to change, so that I can burn candles in the evening and for the air to turn chilly, so we can curl up by a cozy fire at night.

One of the other reasons that I’ve avoided a lot of seasonal decorating is that it’s become so commercial and I hate feeling the pressure to just buy more stuff. So in decorating my fireplace this year, I decided to use as many natural elements as possible, since they are generally less expensive. Personally, I also think that real gourds and pumpkins and plants just look so much more earthy and authentic than their faux counterparts.

In decorating my fireplace, my goal was to incorporate fall colors that also tied into the existing color palette of my living room. Unfortunately, orange is not one of those colors, and I discovered that it can be surprisingly difficult to find “non-orange” pumpkins. I found some small white pumpkins and green gourds at my local Wegmans, but in order to find larger white pumpkins and gourds, I visited a local orchard, called Linvilla. Linvilla Orchards hosts an annual event called “Pumpkinland,” so if you are in the greater Philadelphia area, they are a great place to visit to find really unusual speciality pumpkins.

For the mantel, I also used a few D’Anjou pears and pomegranates, to add some warmer brown and deep red colors to the display. And I did splurge on these darling little dried “pumpinos” from Pottery Barn. I tucked them into one of my gold candleholders along with some pine cones, and they helped to add a few more pops of red to the mantelpiece.

I got the gold candleholders from Pottery Barn last Christmas (the copper ones are actually from a local museum gift shop), and I just purchased these larger bronze ones after I re-finished the mantel. I love their unusual shape, and they add height to arrangement while nicely balancing out the print on either side.

I hope this post inspires you to add a few touches of fall to your home! It really doesn’t need to be expensive or even as elaborate as this display—it can be as simple as just adding a pumpkin or two or just arranging a few sprays of fall foliage in a vase. It’s a wonderful opportunity to more fully experience and savor the season and delight in the beauty of God’s abundant creation! And once again, please check out the blog posts below for more fall inspiration! Happy fall everyone!