My Favorite Stunning Maine Homes

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Labor Day weekend! My husband and I just drove back from our two week vacation in Maine this past weekend. While it’s always sad for our vacation (and the summer!) to be coming to an end, I am also looking forward to getting back into my routine and embracing the new season! Fall is actually my absolute favorite time of year, so there is so much to look forward to!

However I will miss being up in New England! There’s just something about historic New England homes that I can’t resist, and one of my favorite things to do on vacation is to just drive around and look at all the pretty houses. This year, I took the time to photograph some of my favorites so that I could share them with you all!

Maine House 2.jpg

I just loved the front garden on this house—aren’t those hydrangea bushes gorgeous?? I also love the pristine white exterior with the contrasting black shutters, and the two-story side porch. The plaque on the front of the house says that it was built in 1883, and I believe that most of the houses in this post are either from the 1880s or 1890s.

Maine House 4.jpg

I think one of the most remarkable aspects of these Victorian houses is how incredibly unique each one of them is. I thought the porch on this house was just incredible; I love the way it wraps around the side of the house, and all of the detailing in the woodwork is amazing. Also, those hanging flower baskets—so perfectly charming!

Maine House 3.jpg

I’ve always had a weakness for houses with a tower, and this one is beautiful! The top level is almost completely separate from the rest of the house. Wouldn’t that be fun to be inside that room?? So romantic! And the small upper balcony above the entrance is wonderful too!

Maine House 6.jpg

Here’s another marvelous example of a house with a tower—although this one is more of a turret! I love the cone-shaped roof—even the shingles are arranged in an interesting pattern—and look at all the wonderful lattice work on the windows! The stained glass in the front bay window and on the porch windows is really beautiful as well.

Maine House 5.jpg

Here’s an example of a house with a “gambrel” style roof—that’s what it’s called when the roof is essentially “two-sided”. I feel like there’s something so distinctly “New England” about this style. It’s interesting here that the shingles extend onto the front of the house as well, instead of just being on the roof. And I love the little round window on the top level!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of some of my favorite Maine homes! I will also be sharing more details soon about the progress we’ve made on my parent’s Maine summer home as well as some of the updates that I’ve been working on in my own house (like our fireplace makeover!). So, thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for future posts!