My Parent's Summer Home: Sunroom Inspiration

One of the rooms that I am most excited to work on decorating in my parent’s Maine home is their sunroom. If you can believe it, they actually have a total of three outdoor porches AND a sunroom, but each porch has a slightly different purpose and therefore they each have different “decorating needs.”


Isn’t this room just wonderful?? It already has so much charm, and character, and LIGHT. The sunroom has two doors to the outside (the one pictured above) and another one, which is just to the right of where the picture crops (in retrospect, I should have taken more photos, but this is what happens when the house you are decorating long-distance is also where you spend your vacation!). Anyway, that door leads directly to the parking area (you can see our cute little blue Honda fit through the windows in the photo!), and so since this is one of the main entry points to the home, I envision setting up a little mudroom area along the wall next to that door. Maybe something sort of like this:

It definitely wouldn’t be anything quite this elaborate, but I do love that it is light colored (in keeping with the light and airy feel of the room), and the woodwork is beautiful. We wouldn’t need any cabinets for storage, but I would definitely want hooks, maybe some cubbies to store shoes, and a bench to sit on when you take your shoes off.

In terms of the rest of the space, I would like to have a small sitting area, like in the photo above. This is definitely one of my top inspiration photos for this room—I love that it is light and airy, casual and comfortable, a little bit rustic, but still very classy. I think I have convinced them to get rid of the blue color on the walls, and instead they will go with an ivory that closely matches the current color of the trim.

However, I am toying with the idea of doing an accent wall, like in the photo above, OR painting the floor or ceiling a different color. I love the sage gray-green wall color in this photo—it adds a little more warmth and keeps the room from being too starkly white. I also really like the jute rug—their sunroom can collect a fair amount of dirt, so I definitely want to pick a rug that it sturdy enough to hold up well to some heavy use.

This is another great sunroom inspiration photo, although it’s a little bit on the formal side. I do love the window treatments, and since the room gets so much strong sunlight, it would be nice to be able to control it a bit. The low shelves are also a lovely addition, and something I am looking to incorporate in this space, since my mother suggested it might be nice to store games or puzzles in them.

And finally, I would also love to include a small breakfast nook in one of the corners by the other door (so at the far end of the room, in the photo at the beginning of this post). I love the simplicity and charm of this little nook in the photo above. I don’t want it to take up too much space, so like this example, I am also thinking a small round table and light-weight chairs that can be tucked underneath when not in use. It would be the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee or some afternoon tea (my favorite!).

I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful inspiration images! Even if many of the aspects of a given photo are not necessarily attainable, it can still be a really useful exercise to study inspirational images and identify what it is that we love about them. That way, without replicating the specifics of the image, we can still work on reproducing the essence of what we loved about it! My parent’s sunroom is already a beautiful “blank slate,” but I am still excited to try and incorporate some of the elements from these photos to make this room even more enjoyable and functional!